BEST Wool Pillow


Wool, a natural wonder, possesses antimicrobial, dust-mite resistance, and regulates temperature, providing comfort in all seasons. We exclusively use pure Virgin Wool, obtained from the first shearing, ensuring it remains untouched and chemical-free. Unlike scrap materials, our pillows consist of pure wool batting, offering consistent, enduring quality.

First-time wool pillow users quickly become enthusiasts, savoring the ultimate luxury of plush wool layers cradling their head and neck. Our virgin wool pillows come with a convenient zipper for adjustable firmness, catering to individual preferences. Ideal for allergy sufferers, hot sleepers, and those seeking a softer, lower loft pillow.

Material: We use only real Virgin Wool that is taken from the first shearing, this means you are getting wool that has never been woven or processed before and is not treated with any chemicals whatsoever. We use wool batting for an overall even long lasting feel.

Crafted using sustainable Wool from Happy Sheep raised on rotating pastures, preventing overgrazing and erosion. Their pristine wool is free from chemicals and flame retardants.

Exterior Cover: 100% GOTS certified organic sateen cotton

Weights: Travel 12x16 * .8 lbs. Toddler 13x18 * 1.2 lbs. Standard 20x26 * 2.3 lbs. Queen 20x30 * 3 lbs. King 20x36 * 4 lbs. Body 20x54 * 5.6 lbs. XL Body 20x72 * 9 lbs.


Care: Due to the natural, unprocessed fibers, please refrain from washing or submerging the pillow in water, as it may affect the pillow's consistency. Spot cleaning is recommended. To rejuvenate and fluff your pillow, consider placing it in the dryer on a fluff or air-only setting. Alternatively, let it bask in the sun for a couple of hours, as the sun naturally revitalizes it.

  • Please note: Some of our products may retain their natural scent for a couple of weeks, while most people LOVE the scent, others may not. What is important to know is I Sleep Simple uses only natural and organic ingredients in the production process, never incorporating fragrances, chemicals, or dyes into fibers and materials.

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