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Our naturally organic adjustable kapok pillow stands out as our most sought-after choice. Kapok, known for its incredible qualities, is both lighter than cotton and as soft as down, providing unmatched support that even synthetic materials cannot replicate. If you're a fan of clean and sustainable products, kapok will capture your heart. And if you favor soft pillows, you won't settle for anything less.

Kapok, often referred to as "vegan down," is entirely plant-based. Our kapok pillows are fully customizable, featuring a zippered encasement crafted from 100% GOTS certified organic sateen. This design allows you to effortlessly add or remove fiber to tailor the pillow to your desired level of comfort.

The kapok fiber is sourced from the seed pods of the Ceiba pentandra tree, commonly known as kapok or silk-cotton tree. These trees thrive in rainforest regions, and when you choose kapok, you contribute to preserving these trees' lives. Kapok harvest doesn't involve cutting down trees; instead, it relies on the collection of naturally fallen seed pods. This practice also helps support local economies in regions like Indonesia and other tropical areas. Furthermore, the process of turning raw kapok material into bedding fiber is remarkably efficient, involving manual cleaning, spinning, and subsequent delivery to us!

Exterior Cover: Zippered 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen

Firmness: Standard

Kapok Benefits and Properties: Kapok stands in a league of its own. Its soft, lightweight fibers are hypoallergenic and do not trap heat.

Kapok Process: Kapok is meticulously hand-picked from the Ceiba tree's pods and then spun. The sustainable harvesting requires no chemical processing, making it naturally organic.

Flame Retardants: None

Care: Regrettably, due to the use of natural, unprocessed fibers, this pillow should not be washed or submerged in water, as it may affect the pillow's consistency :(. We recommend spot cleaning only. To rejuvenate your pillow's life and loft, you can place it in the dryer on a fluff or air-only setting. Alternatively, if the weather allows, you can leave your pillow out in the sun for a couple of hours, as the sun serves as nature's sanitizer.

  • Please note: Some of our products may retain their natural scent for a couple of weeks. While most people adore the scent, others may have different preferences. It's essential to understand that I Sleep Simple uses exclusively natural and organic ingredients in the production process, with no fragrances, chemicals, or dyes added to fibers and materials.

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