Buckwheat and Wool Hybrid Pillow

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Introducing the perfect fusion of Buckwheat and Wool! This exceptional Hybrid pillow features a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton twill outer case, cleverly divided into separate zippered chambers for both fibers, allowing easy adjustment of wool or buckwheat to suit your preferences.

Take your pick: one side offers the firm support of buckwheat pillows, while the other indulges you with the plush luxury of wool.

Both buckwheat and wool boast natural antimicrobial properties, dust mite resistance, and temperature neutrality. Once you experience this incredible hybrid pillow, there's no turning back!

Benefits of the buckwheat side: Buckwheat pillows mold to your shape, promoting alignment of your body, head, neck, and spine by conforming to your contours.

Benefits of the wool side: The soft layers of wool gently cradle your head and neck, providing comfort beyond compare.

These versatile hybrid pillows extend beyond bedtime; they serve admirably as floor cushions, meditation companions, and lumbar support pillows.

Crafted from naturally organic, sustainably grown, pesticide-free buckwheat and wool sourced from Happy Sheep, raised on rotating pastures to protect against erosion and overgrazing. The exquisite wool is free from chemicals and flame retardants.

Exterior Cover: 100% GOTS certified organic cotton Twill

Weights: Travel 12x16 2.5 lbs. Toddler 13x18 * 2.5 lbs. 16x19 Junior 16x19 * 5 lbs. Standard 20x26 * 8 lbs. Queen 20x30 * 13 lbs. King 20x36 * 15 lbs.


Care: Regrettably, due to the use of natural, unprocessed fibers, this pillow cannot be washed or submerged in water, as it may affect the pillow's consistency. We recommend spot cleaning only. To revive and fluff your pillow, consider using the dryer on a fluff or air-only setting, or allow your pillow to bask in the sun for a couple of hours, as nature's sanitizer.

  • Please note: Some of our products may retain their natural scent for a couple of weeks, which many people love, though some may not. It's important to know that I Sleep Simple exclusively employs natural and organic ingredients in the production process, eschewing fragrances, chemicals, or dyes in fibers and materials.
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4.9 stars from 10 reviews
Brooke Burns
March 19, 2024
I bought this for my husband. He likes firm pillows but this felt a little too dense for his night time alignment. He likes it as a between the knees pillow or use when sitting upright. It's an AMAZING pillow, otherwise. And I loved the earthy, natural smell. I look forward to its longevity around the home.
Njema Shumate
October 11, 2022
Perfect. Exactly as pictured and described. Fast shipping. Sleeps like a dream.
Laura Bang
March 08, 2022
I love it! It's well-made with high quality materials. I like being able to choose between the two textures and being able to adjust the fill!
Michelle Ester-Bode
February 15, 2022
Just received my pillow tonight-it’s beautiful! I’m so excited to try this hybrid pillow. Customer service was outstanding!
Laressa M
December 30, 2021
Love this hybrid pillow. So unique that you get the benefit of both wool and buckwheat hulls. I have a buckwheat meditation cushion that I love, so I figured I would like it in a pillow, but I also appreciate the wool. I got the toddler size and use it for lying my head on for sleep or naps, as a lumbar support and when I'm on the couch as well. The fabric cover is soft and I happen to love the subtle scent of sheep wool, although I'm sure it will fade in time. Love everything about this pillow!
Maria Heiniluoma
May 20, 2021
A great, high-quality product and a convenient smaller size. Thank you, SleepSimple!
Debbie McNamara
March 18, 2021
Love this pillow. I prefer a flatter pillow so was very happy that I could remove wool and buckwheat to make it just right! Quality workmanship! I will definitely order from this shop again.
February 04, 2021
I love this pillow! I got the travel size to every night. My feather pillow and Miracle Bamboo pillow both force my head and neck to lay in a position like this __/ The buckwheat and wool pillow allows my head to fall away from my neck. I really like the buckwheat side. Highly recommend!
Balwinder Kaur
January 14, 2021
Best pillows I’ve ever had in my life. Love my pillows so much.
Liz Goldsmith
July 23, 2020
Filled with lovely fluffy wool and buckwheat hulls. Extremely adjustable and lots of "extra" if it compresses later. I will never go back to "conventional" pillows again. Really enjoy sleeping on all natural materials.
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