Love it or leave it Mattress Guarantee

120-Night Mattress Guarantee:

*Please note this guarantee applies Only to I Sleep Simple Mattresses only* (See Disclaimer below)

Not sure if an I Sleep Simple mattress is right for you?

Sleep on an I Sleep Simple mattress for up to 120 nights, if you don't love it, return it for a full credit or refund less a 30% restocking fee!

120-Night Mattress Return Policy - Start your return with one of these two simple options:

Option 1: Product Defect

If your mattress has a physical defect, please contact us via phone or email within 15 days of your purchase. Send photos of the issue(s) without any bedding as soon as possible so that we can figure out the best solution to your problem (i.e., replacement or repair).

Option 2: Satisfaction

If you are unhappy with the mattress(s), please contact us within 120 days of your purchase and present your concerns so that we can review your case and consider the next best steps to ensure your satisfaction. Our main goal is to make sure you are happy!

How will the mattress(es) reach I Sleep Simple for a return or exchange?

If you are within a 150 miles radius of our main location, in Brooklyn, NY, we would be happy to arrange removal at no cost to you. If you are outside of this radius, upon I Sleep Simple’s discretion, we would either direct you to a service that can have the mattress picked up from you and discarded or we would kindly ask you to send us proof that you have disposed of it, this is decided in a case-by-case basis. Once the mattress has been removed and as per our printed warranty, we would then credit you the purchase price or refund you the amount paid for your mattress less a 30% restocking fee as per our guarantee. If you would like to begin a site inspection, return, or exchange, please email You will need a copy of your original receipt to be eligible for a refund or exchange. 

PLEASE NOTE: It is I Sleep Simple’s own discretion, to pick up the mattress, send a third party to pick it up or ask you to kindly dispose of it. For legal and accounting purposes, we will request that you please send us pictures and a note stating and showing it has been discarded before we can process any refunds or credits  depending on the final decisions we agree upon. 

DISCLAIMER: To qualify for our 120 night sleep guarantee:

  1. You must have slept on your I Sleep Simple mattress for at least 30 nights. (with our natural mattress, it can sometimes take your body a few weeks to adjust) 
  2. Your mattress must be covered with a mattress protector and be free of any stains or damage. 
  3. You must have ordered your mattress directly from the website or through Esty. 
  4. This must be your first mattress return from I Sleep Simple.